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QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR Syst



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384-well block, laptop

4471087 QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System, 96-well block, desktop
4471088 QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System, Fast 96-well block, desktop
4471134 QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System, 384-well block, desktop
4471089 QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System, Array Card block, desktop
4471090 QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System, OpenArray™ block, Accufill™ System
4471067 QuantStudio™ 12K Flex OpenArray™ Block Upgrade Kit (with Accufill™ System)



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The QuantStudio™ 12K Flex system is a highly flexible, comprehensive real-time PCR platform

that leverages the best of Applied Biosystems™ real-time technology in a single instrument.

The QuantStudio 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System includes easy-to-change blocks that can accommodate

OpenArray™ plates, TaqMan™ array cards, 384-well, 96-well, and FAST 96-well plates allowing you

 to select the format that is right for your project whether it's now or in the future, for maximum flexibility

and consistency in your research.


Thermo Fisher Cloud

Thermo Fisher Cloud provides scientists with a secure place to store, analyze, and share data.

Applied Biosystems qPCR Analysis Modules within the Thermo Fisher Cloud are web browser-based

software tools that are flexible, fast and easy to use. These software tools are compatible with Mac or

PC as well as most Applied Biosystems instrument file types.

 The QuantStudio 12K Flex System's intuitive software, easy touch screen setup, automation integration,

effortless block exchange, and easy-to- use OpenArray components are designed to let you get started

right away and reduce hands on time. Plan for the future and save time, money, and space in your lab

with the only all-in-one qPCR instrument enabling a broad range of applications with maximum throughput.


Flexibility & Scalability
• Includes five interchangeable blocks: The QuantStudio 12K Flex blocks accomodate 96-well,

FAST 96-well, 384-well, TaqMan array cards, and OpenArray plates, for effortless scaling from

1 to 12,000 data points in a single run. Increase throughput as you dive deeper into your research,

 using just one instrument. As you begin your project, start with 96-well format experiments

and then scale up to a higher throughput to get the statistically significant answers you need.

Additionally, you can easily validate and screen your targets of interest with a selected panel of

genes using novel formats such as the TaqMan array cards and OpenArray plates.


• Compatible with a full range of TaqMan assays: 

 The QuantStudio 12K Flex System is optimized to enable clear, clean data for all TaqMan assays

that might be used across a broad range of applications, including gene expression, microRNA

and small noncoding RNAs, SNP genotyping, protein analysis, protein thermal shift, high resolution

melt, copy number variation, and pathogen detection.

• Provides a seamless switch from qPCR to digital PCR: Increase the precision and

sensitivity of your nucleic acid experiment by switching from qPCR to digital PCR mode using

QuantStudio Digital PCR kits and DigitalSuite™ Software with the QuantStudio OpenArray block.

• Delivers peace of mind: Leave early on a Friday and monitor runs from home, knowing that t

he system can safely store over 100 runs.


Maximum Throughput
• Enhanced OptiFlex™ System: Building upon Applied Biosystems technology,

the Enhanced OptiFlex System provides enhanced fluorescence detection for the accurate and

sensitive data analysis necessary to collect 12,000 data points in a single run.

• Unprecedented coverage and sample throughput: The OpenArray format accelerates genomic

validation and screening, driving over 150,000 data points per work day, enabling most projects

to be completed in days instead of weeks.

• Simple OpenArray workflow: QuantStudio Open Array plates arrive in a case to facilitate ease

of handling and ensure optimal data quality upon loading of samples using the Accufill™ System.

 Easily load four arrays into the QuantStudio 12K Flex instrument to achieve over 12,000 data points.

Integrated sample tracking software lets you easily track your samples throughout the course of your project.

• Integrated analysis and quality systems: New intuitive touch-screen interface and integrated calendar

feature allows for scheduling time of use on the instrument. Additional analysis software such as

DigitalSuite v1.0, ExpressionSuite v1.0, and Genotyper v1.1 is available to help you analyze hundreds of

targets and samples and achieve the statistical power you need.


QuantStudio 12K Flex Software

• Intuitive interface and innovative design for novice and experienced users
• Convenient walk-away operation
• Improved data analysis across block types
• Fully compatible with high-throughput environments


Expandable Software Architecture
Optional add-ons are available to upgrade the existing software:
• 21 CFR Part 11 compliance: This optional SAE module assists with Security,

Auditing, and Electronic signature of records for full data traceability.

• High Resolution Melt (HRM): Using the built-in MeltDoctor™ protocols and calibrations,

you can spend less time optimizing the run and more time customizing your results. Define the number

of variants you want to see by quickly changing analysis settings.

• DigitalSuite Software v1.0: For OpenArray block users needing sensitivity for rare targets and precision

to measure small differences in target abundance.

• ExpressionSuite Software v1.0: Stand-alone gene expression software with enhanced analysis tools

that can analyze over 200 384-well plates or 10 OpenArray plates.



Maximum Throughput
Maximize throughput with minimal resources.
Increase your throughput by as much as 32-fold by running 4 OpenArray® plates in a single run

on the QuantStudio™ 12K Flex system. It's the equivalent of 32 traditional 384-well qPCR plates or 12,000 data points.


Push your throughput even more.
When equipped with the OpenArray® block, a single 9700 thermal cycler and

the QuantStudio™ 12K Flex OpenArray® AccuFill™ System,

the QuantStudio™ 12K Flex system can produce up to 110,000 data points or more in an eight-hour day.

Reduce start up time and hands on time.
Start a 12,000 data point experiment typically in 20 minutes or less.

Execute today and plan for tomorrow.

As you scale your experiments and move up in throughput,

be assured that TaqMan® Assay sensitivity, specificity, and wide dynamic range are optimized

across all QuantStudio™ 12K Flex system block formats.



Five interchangeable blocks.
Choose and load the thermal-cycling block you need for the experiment at hand

(OpenArray® plate, TaqMan® Array Card, 384-well, Fast 96-well, and 96-well blocks).

Provides a seamless switch from qPCR to digital PCR.
Increase the precision and sensitivity of your nucleic acid experiment by switching from

qPCR to digital PCR mode using QuantStudio™ Digital PCR kits and DigitalSuite Software

with the QuantStudio™ OpenArray® block.

Maximum multiplexing & chemistry options.
Proven fluorescence detection with Enhanced OptiFlex® System

(e.g. white light LED and 21 filter combinations for extremely accurate and sensitive data collection.

Integrated analysis and data quality.
Comprehensive software analysis tools for gene expression, genotyping, and

digital PCR are available at your fingertips. Laboratory Information Management Systems

(LIMS) and features that assist with 21CFR Part 11 compliance are enabled for high-throughput,

 validated environments.